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  • She felt his hand move to her cheek and caress down to her neck and his thumb rested on the pulsing artery there. Without even realizing it, Celeste had closed the distance between her and the bed.
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  • Well, as it turns out, Christian Jacob is going to be my great-great-grandson.
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  • It ll just make him look like a fool, and if there s one thing Charles Nicholas can t stand, it s looking like a fool.

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  • He was falling apart at the thought of losing her. I saw him change Elsa, right before he went after Tanya.
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  • Now that was something no one ever saw in the movies. He stared at her seriously, And you Elsa, are his chosen mate.
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  • I believe some fresh air might suit me, as well, she said, rising to her feet. The more he thought about this, staring down into those striking emerald eyes, his selfish realization hit him.
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    Lucas stared at the lovely woman that had just invited herself into his bedroom through his closed window. Only if he had more time, they would be beyond the point of no return and she wouldn t leave him no matter what the cost.
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  • Elsa stared down at the box in her hands, he sent me a gift. The look on her face was so vulnerable at that moment that he nearly considered not going through with his plan.
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  • At times she thought that the chairs might be a little too close together.
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  • He seemed to think about her question for a moment. Honestly she didn t remember lying down for a nap prior to being overpowered by such a vivid dream.
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